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Planning your wedding? Jason Leue talks with vendors, brides, grooms and other experts to help engaged couples plan their wedding. We'll get specific for the state of Hawaii but it's relevant to all states.

Jason Leue - Owner of Kapila Gardens Wedding Venue in Hawaii - West Oahu, sits down with Kekai Boshard from HI Tickets Films to dive deep into if wedding videography is really for everyone. Now a days so many people have video recorders in their pockets so is hiring a professional wedding videographer really worth it? Also we talk about not just how to save on a wedding BUT WHAT to save money on. That’s the really question and secret to a having successful wedding without going in debt.

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Kekai Boshard Videographer

Hey brides-to-be! Jason Leue, the owner of Kapila Gardens Wedding Venue, sits down with Regina, a veteran wedding planner with 9 years of experience, to spill the beans on '5 Things Every Bride Forgets.' Get ready for insider tips, hilarious anecdotes, and invaluable advice to ensure your big day is nothing short of magical. Tune in to this must-listen/watch podcast and let Jason and Regina guide you through the journey to your dream wedding!

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