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Plan Your Wedding

First if you haven't already check out our rentals page. It has items, services and prices for things we rent out.


Kapila Gardens specializes in beautiful weddings that look like a million bucks but cost under $4k all in.

It starts with planning. It starts right here. 

Take a look at our layouts on this page or even better print out our pdf. We've included to scale table graphics that make it easy to plan your weddings arrangement.

Don't Forget...

Weddings aren't just about the visuals. Audio is just as important if not more. Plan the audio moments for your guests too.

Check out our audio options on our rentals page. We have a professional sound system, auto-DJ system, mics and technicians to give your friends and family an immersive experience.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 3.20.11 PM.jpeg

For inspiration checkout our instagram to see what previous weddings look liked and how others arranged their alters, receptions, food, sign-in tables etc

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