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Welcome Oahu Land Owners


Who Are We


My, name is Jason Leue, I’m the owner of Kapila Gardens. It’s a one acre mango orchard I live on with my wife and kids.  


Quick thanks to everyone that help me understand this bill 10.


Do you know about bill 10?


You should if you own land.


I’ve struggling to understand this bill 10. After reading it, I understood about 10%, but I got the gist of it. They want to take away 239 pages of things we can do on our land.


But who are they?


Did you or anyone you know write to their counselor…


“Dear representative I have way too many things I can do on my land. I’m overwhelmed with all these freedoms. So please make the follow list of things illegal on my land.


Signed - One crazy ass farmer”


Probably not…


Then I discovered an article that Sandy Van sent me and there it is. The reason this bill was created. 


3 huge land developers supporting pushing this bill.


Great, now I know who. But why?


Why would land developers want less options on lands?


Then, after my wife read the bill she said “this bill is really going to devalue peoples land”


Ding ding, ding.


That’s it!


What do land developers need to develop resorts? Lots and lots of land.


The less our lands are worth the better for the developers when they buy it up much cheaper.


Who has land they don’t want to do stuff with?


No one.


These bills are created by corporations to devalue land they want to buy. Then after they have it they can just rezone it to resort land. Did you notice how little the resort zoning is mentioned in bill 10?


Don’t fall for all these other narratives. All lies. Follow the money. Follow the corruption.


So what do us land owners need to do?


We need to spread the word. We need to have regular meetings supporting each other.




Every last Wednesday of the month I’ll be hosting a meeting at my Farm, 7pm. I want to meet you. I want to talk story.


Click the "Get Ticket" button below, add you name and email and you're all set! See you soon.


No upcoming events at the moment
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