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Our Audio Package has all of your sound experience needs covered. From music to set the mood when guests arrive with a playlist of your choice. We can also play your “walking down the aisle” songs and provide mics for the ceremony and speeches.


Our wedding audio technician has the flow of your wedding event in-mind. They will guide you through the whole process and make sure your guests have a great immersive experience.


2 X QSC speakers,  Harbonger Sub Woofer, L-8 Zoom 8 channel mixer, 50' and 20' speaker cables, 3 mic stands with mics and cords. Includes audio technician to setup ceremony, reception and dance audio. Includes "Auto Dj" system. Simply send me your playlist and I plug it into the "Auto Dj" system. Then your guests can enjoyed mixed music. You'll need to provide someone to run the system if you don't hire our audio technician.

Sound Experience Package


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